Bluefin Software, LLC is powered by a husband and wife duo, Alex and Tanya Stankovic. Together, we develop apps for mobile devices. Our apps are more than just beautiful — at their core, they're designed around the fitness experiences of real people and supported by the latest knowledge in health and fitness, software design, and technology.

  • C25K

    Ease into 5K

    Ease into 5K helps people who have never run before to train for a 5K in just 8 weeks. Since its release, the app has been widely popular with customers worldwide and has been mentioned by ABC News, SELF Magazine, and the first edition of Best iPhone Apps.

  • Bootcamp


    Looking to boost your strength, improve muscle tone, or shed those pesky holiday pounds? Meet Bootcamp, your new personal trainer! Bootcamp enables you to build your own circuit training workouts, then guides you step-by-step as you move from one exercise to the next. The app is simple to use—just put in your earbuds, pick a workout, and follow your trainer’s instructions.

  • Bridge to 10K


    The Bridge to 10K running plan is for those who've completed the Ease into 5K plan and wish to increase their running distance to 10K. The plan takes 6 weeks to complete.

  • Ease into 10K


    Ease into 10K is a running plan for people who have already achieved a certain fitness level and want to train directly for the 10K distance. The plan takes 10 weeks to complete.

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