• How do I lock the screen during a workout?

    Tap on the Settings tab and turn "Lock Buttons" option to ON.
    When "Lock Buttons" is turned to ON, buttons that can interrupt your workout will appear with a little lock next to them.
    The locks indicate that a double tap is required to activate the button.

  • How do I repeat or skip days?

    The day list on the main screen is scrollable, so just slide your finger over it until the desired day is selected. Tap on GO to get started.

  • How many days do I need to run in a week?

    You can run 3 to 4 times a week. Mondays will always be a day off from running because Sundays will be your longest run for the week. On Wednesdays you will have the option of running or cross training.

  • How do I play my own music during a workout?

    Build your playlist by selecting the "Music" tab, then tap on the "+" button at the top of the screen to add songs from your music library. When you start your workout, selected songs will automatically start playing.

  • How do I remove a single music track?

    To remove one track swipe your finger (left to right) over the title of the track you wish to remove. A "delete" button will appear, tap to remove track.

  • How do I remove all tracks?

    Tap on the trashcan button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to remove all tracks from your in-app playlist.

  • Do I need to sign up for TrainingPeaks to use this app?

    You do not need to sign up for TrainingPeaks to use this app. You can upload your data to TrainingPeaks so you can track your progress on the web, print your results, and see progress graphs.

  • Can I use Pandora at the same time?

    You can use Pandora or any other music app at the same time as long as you have iOS 4.0 or greater running on your device and have a device that supports multitasking. Devices that support multitasking are: iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the third-generation iPod touch (32GB and 64GB models from late 2009), or the forth-generation iPod touch.

    Important: iPhone mute switch must be turned off in order for audio alerts to be played when the app is in the background.

    To find out which version of iOS you have running on your device, start the Settings app, then tap on About, then on General and note the Version number.

  • How do I post to Facebook/Twitter after my workout is done?

    If you are using an iPod Touch and do not have wifi available right after your run or you simply did not have time to post, you can submit later by tapping on the Journal button select the workout day and then tap on Share on the Journal screen. Tap on Facebook and Twitter icons to post.

  • How do I know if the GPS signal strength is good enough?

    Look for the color of the GPS circle on the workout screen. Green = good signal
    Yellow = weaker signal
    Red = no accurate GPS data available
    GPS works the best outside on a clear day. If it is cloudy and or you are in an area with many trees the signal may be weak. Always check signal strength before beginning your workout and make sure you see the GPS arrow indicator on the status bar of your device.

  • How do I remove a single entry from the Journal screen?

    To remove a single journal entry swipe your finger (left to right) over the entry you wish to remove. A "delete" button will appear, which when tapped will remove that entry.

  • How do I make Facebook post to my wall?

    If your Facebook posts are not showing on your Facebook profile please do the following:

    • Go to the Settings tab and select Social Media entry.
    • Turn ON "Log off Facebook" option.
    • Quit this app
    • Restart your iPhone or iPod touch
    The next time you try to publish to Facebook you will be asked to re-login and that should make Facebook work again.

  • How do I reset and start from the beginning?

    To restart the program and erase your progress:

    • Open this app and tap on the Settings tab
    • Turn ON "Reset on Next Start" option.
    • Quit this app
    If your device supports multitasking quit this app from the app switcher menu as well. To do that, double tap the Home button, press and hold on the this app's icon until a red minus button appears over it, then tap on the minus button to close down the app completely.

    The next time you start this app your progress will be erased and you'll be back to the beginning of the training program.

    If you wish to erase your Journal entries as well, tap on the Journal tab, then tap on the trashcan icon at the top right hand corner of the screen.

  • How do I track my pace and distance when I run on the treadmill?

    When your workout is over, tap on the Journal icon located at the bottom of your workout screen. In the Journal screen tap on the distance label and you will be able to enter your distance, run/walk pace and calories burned.

    You can also enter your stats later by tapping on the Journal icon located on your tab bar.

  • How do I write a journal entry for my workout?

    When your workout is over, tap on the Journal icon located at the bottom of your screen.

    In the Journal screen tap on the buttons to describe your workout. Then tap on the text box area to enter notes about your workout. You can also enter the distance, run/walk pace and calories burned.

    You can also tap on the Journal icon on your tab bar to enter your values after your workout.

  • How do I mark a workout completed?

    Double tap on the day tile located on the main screen. The tile will be grayed out with the word "complete" written on the tile. To remove, double tap again.

  • Help, my music is not playing correctly!

    Please try restarting your iPhone or iPod touch. In most cases restarting will resolve this issue.
    To restart your device, press and hold the top Sleep button until a screen appears asking you to "slide to power off". Slide the button to power your device off, then press the Sleep button again to power it back on. Please email support if restarting did not resolve the issue.

    If restarting did not help, you may have to recreate your playlist. Please do the following:

    • Start the C25K app and tap on the Music tab
    • Tap on the Trashcan icon at the top corner and confirm you wish to delete all tracks
    • Restart your iPhone
    • Start the C25K app and tap on the Music tab
    • Tap on the plus button to add songs to your playlist

  • Help, I can't hear the voice alerts!

    Make sure that your iPhone mute is switched to off. When the app is running in the background the mute switch needs to be in the off position for the audio alerts to be heard.

  • How do I get GPS to work?

    Start the Settings app, and select General, then Location Services scroll down and make sure the Half Marathon app is turned ON. Now restart your iPhone.

  • How do I auto-publish to Facebook/Twitter?

    To have your workouts auto published to Facebook/Twitter after a workout, enable "Auto Publish" in the Settings tab under the Social Media category.

    If you haven't logged in to Facebook or Twitter, you will be prompted to login the first time the app tries to publish.

  • How do I calculate calories burned?

    Calories burned will be automatically calculated once you enter your weight on the Journal screen.

  • How do I see the graphs?

    Tap on the journal tab and in the left hand corner you will see an icon for graphs. Tap on icon and scroll from right to left to see all values.

  • Battery is draining too fast during a workout

    Continuos use of location service at the accuracy level required to track distance and pace does consume significantly more battery power than regular phone use.

    If at all possible please make sure your device is fully charged before your run.

    If the battery continues to be drained after you've finished your run, please check if location services are still in use (iPhone status bar will display a compass arrow icon) and do the following:

    - Double click the Home button to get the app switcher menu
    - Press and hold on the C25K app icon until a red minus sign appears
    - Tap on the red minus sign to close down the C25K app completely