Get ready for your first half marathon by training with Hal Higdon the best known running author and athlete. His training programs have helped thousands reach their running goals, and this half marathon app will help you get to the starting line with confidence.

Hal Higdon's many accomplishments include:

  • Author of 35 books, including the best-selling Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide and a new novel, Marathon
  • Completed over 111 marathons and has won four overall victories and numerous age-group firsts
  • Holds the current M40 and M45 American records for the steeplechase
  • Is one of the founders of Round Runners Club of America
  • Has contributed to Runner's World magazine longer than any other writer
To learn more about Hal Higdon visit his website at


  • Hal Higdon's voice will encourage you during your runs
  • Distance and pace automatically tracked with built in GPS
  • Training schedule at your fingertips
  • See dates for recommended 5K and 10K races during your training
  • Set your training start date based on the race date
  • Home screen shows a visual indicator of your training progress
  • Select your own music and skip tracks without leaving the app
  • Half point alert, letting you know when to turn back
  • Share your workouts on Facebook and Twitter right from your app
  • Lock Buttons feature prevents accidental button activation during workouts
  • Excellent customer support
  • Journal screen lets you document your run
  • Keep track of your runs on the in app calendar*
  • Beautiful graphs show your progress*
  • Set a goal for distance, pace, weight loss, and distance ran*
  • See your run on a map
  • Sync your runs with TrainingPeaks software online directly from your mobile device

* iOS only features. Coming soon to the Android version.
  • Hal higdon 13.1 - Novice 1
  • Hal higdon 26.2 - Novice 1
  • Hal higdon 13.1 - Novice 2
  • Hal higdon 26.2 - Novice 2
  • Hal higdon 26.2 - Intermediate 1
  • Hal higdon 26.2 - Intermediate 2

Hal Higdon's 13.1 - Novice 1 - $9.99

Hal Higdon's 26.2 - Novice 1 - $9.99

Hal Higdon's 13.1 - Novice 2 - $9.99

Hal Higdon’s 26.2 - Novice 2 - $9.99

Hal Higdon's 26.2 - Intermediate 1 - $9.99

Hal Higdon’s 26.2 - Intermediate 2 - $9.99

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