Getting ready for a goal race? My half and full marathon training plans have proved enormously popular with runners, more than half a million benefitting from my freely available plans in magazines, books and here online. Now you also can have my training programs in your pocket as an interactive mobile app. See the workout schedule. Get my running tips. Listen to my voice in your ear, motivating you to greater glories during workouts. All that plus many other features.

Which Hal Higdon training plan might work best for you? Below are half a dozen now available as apps through Bluefin. Check the descriptions here and also on my Web site, If running 13.1 miles seems somewhat daunting, consider a shorter distance for your first race. You can try Bluefin’s best-selling Ease into 5k app (iOS, Android). It begins with 3 miles three times a week. Simple enough? It’s time to start!

--Hal Higdon

  • Hal Higdon Noivce Half Marathon Training Plan

    Half Marathon Plan - Novice 1

    Here is an easy entry point for the sport of long distance running. Half Novice 1 is aimed at beginning runners. If you can handle a 4-mile run (or walk) at the end of Week 1, I’ll get you to the finish line of a half marathon at the end of Week 12. This basic Half Marathon Training Program works well for beginning runners who want to prepare for their first 13.1-mile race, but also for experienced runners interested in a fail-safe program that will allow them to excel without making excessive demands upon their time.

  • Hal Higdon Noivce Half Marathon Training Plan

    Half Marathon Plan - Novice 2

    All my training programs build on each other, going from Novice to Intermediate to Advanced. Novice 2, thus, is a step upward from Novice 1: designed for experienced runners, those who have raced several half marathons, maybe even a full-distance marathon. Novice 2 for the half marathon program is very similar to Novice 2 for the full marathon. (See below.) It offers somewhat more mileage than Novice 1 and occasional workouts at “race pace,” the pace you plan to run in the half marathon. Also a couple of tune-up races at the popular 5-K and 10-K distances. If you are a marathoner who uses half marathons as fun events between your more serious 26-mile jaunts, this is a great plan for you.

  • Hal Higdon Noivce Marathon Training Plan

    Marathon Plan - Novice 1

    This is by far my most popular plan, not only for beginners gearing up for their first race at the classic 26-mile-385-yard distance, but also for experienced runners, who appreciate its gentle approach to their favorite sporting event. They know Novice 1 will get them to the starting line well rested and to the finish line well trained. In fact, one woman I encountered in a Greek restaurant at the 2,500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon, told me she had used my plan for 53 marathons. (I’m serious!) The steps from Novice 1 Half to Novice 1 Full is logical. If you can comfortably cover the 6-mile long run in Week 1, I’ll get you to the finish line of the marathon at the end of Week 18.

  • Hal Higdon Noivce Marathon Training Plan

    Marathon Plan - Novice 2

    If you have run previous half or full marathons, you might want to consider Novice 2, the logical next step upwards. It is designed for “experienced” runners, those capable of handling a few more miles in training plus some workouts at race pace. It does not matter how fast (or how slow) you are; more the question is your ability to focus on a well-structured training program for 18 weeks. If you are looking for a PR (Personal Record) or BQ (Boston Qualifier), here is the plan for you.

  • Hal Higdon Intermediate Marathon Training Plan

    Marathon Plan - Intermediate 1

    My intermediate programs have just now been added to the Bluefin inventory of Hal Higdon training programs. For the experienced runner, this offers yet another step up. Instead of running four days a week, I’ll ask you to run five days a week. But the main difference between my intermediate programs and the novice programs comes on the weekends: a pace run on Saturday followed by a long run on Sunday. Plus you finish with two 20-milers, not just one. That’s not easy. I don’t want to hide that fact from you. But if you are serious about your running, Intermediate 1 may be the perfect program for you.

  • Hal Higdon Intermediate Marathon Training Plan

    Marathon Plan - Intermediate 2

    The gradual increase in difficulty continues. The simplest difference between Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 is more mileage. I not only ask you to run somewhat more miles through the week, but you will run three 20-milers at the end, rather than two. Sound tough? Of course, but you came to me looking for the very best training plan for your own level of fitness and ability.

  • Still uncertain as to which of my training programs might work best for you? Surf over to my website,, where you will find the full schedules plus detailed directions on how to train. The most detailed directions, however, are those you will receive each day as you prepare for a half or full marathon using my Bluefin apps.