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Send your workouts to TrainingPeaks right from the app. With TrainingPeaks account you'll be able to:

  • Monitor fitness and health trends over time
  • Track exercise, nutrition, weight, stress & more
  • Search and record routes or map your own
  • Share workouts and routes with friends
  • Upload heart rate, power meter & GPS workouts
  • Apply exercise programs and meal plans
  • Plan and schedule your own exercise & meals
  • Follow a coach, trainer or use the Virtual Coach
  • To setup your app with TrainingPeaks do the following:

    • Signup for TrainingPeaks account if you don't already have one
    • Start the app, tap on the Settings tab, select TrainingPeaks and enter your TrainingPeaks username and password
    To send your workouts to TrainingPeaks:
    • Tap on the Journal tab in the app
    • You will see the Sync bar come up at the bottom of the screen
    • Tap on the Sync Now button
    Workouts that haven't been sent to TrainingPeaks will be colored red.